Might as well face it, I’m addicted to Love(sick Expo) {Lovesick Expo – Brooklyn – Thoughts}

I just want to send out a quick thank you to everyone who stopped by and said hello at Lovesick Expo, and to share a little story about how it all came to be!!

A few years ago, if I said “I can’t wait to go to this thing where I have to meet new people all day”, my friends would ask if I have a high fever and require immediate medical care. I have always been kind of shy and not great at small talk (and that’s probably one of the reasons why I love being BEHIND the camera so much… but that’s a topic for another day) and this has changed a little over the past few years, but I’m still kind of an awkward penguin in certain situations. For example, I remember the last time I did a “wedding expo” back in.. hmmm I wanna say 2006-2007? It was in a hotel conference room somewhere in the suburbs, it was brightly lit by fluorescent lights, kind of impersonal, with a ton of space between tables, there was no real atmosphere, the vendors didn’t talk to each other, and I mostly remember just feeling extremely uncomfortable.

I was pretty sure I would never do another wedding expo. And then, I saw a post about Lovesick. It might have been this post on Offbeat Bride back in 2010. I thought, “Hmm.. this sounds like my peoples! This might be a place where I don’t feel super awkward!” By the time I saw the post it was too late to sign up for the show, and for whatever reason, I missed it for the next few years!

During this time, I started to photograph more and more unique, offbeat weddings, elopements, same-sex weddings etc and I just fell more and more in love with the idea of Lovesick and meeting like-minded couples and vendors. Finally in mid-2014 I was ON IT. I applied as soon as I saw that applications were being accepted. And, a few weeks later, when I got the notification that I’ve been accepted, I danced around my office for a bit. I just KNEW this would be my jam.

After a few months of brainstorming, preparation, and awesome table design help from Little Vintage Rentals who helped me to make a rustic/vintage/glam display that really represented the things I love and want to photograph, I was ready. So ready, that I was too excited to sleep the night before.

Lovesick is a place where I felt comfortable immediately upon arrival. It was all friendly smiles and high-fives. I chatted with my awesome vendor-neighbors like Color Pop Events, Smoochie Paper, The Crossed Keys Inn, Fox Glove Brooklyn and Eclectic Unions, and swayed to really great tunes by The Blue Vipers. I wish I had gotten a chance to walk around some more and meet everyone, but as often happens with good times, it just went by TOO FAST! There was such great energy in the space from beginning to end. Everyone I talked to, from the couples to the vendors to the event organizers, were just awesome. It was such a fun event, I hope to be back next year! It was definitely my jam. My peoples. I loved it.

If you have never been, you absolutely must check it out!! There is a show in Philly this Sunday, and Boston on the 18th and I’m excited to see the names of my friends in the industry listed for both shows!!

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In the morning rush on Sunday I didn’t get a chance to grab my real camera.. but I did grab a few cellphone snaps, please excuse the not-so-professional quality! And last but most certainly not least, a huge thank you goes out to my husband Kris and my friends Rita and Casey for helping me out with the set-up, clean-up, and for chatting with couples at my table while I walked around to check out awesome things like The Billion Jelly Bloom.


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