Throwback Thursday! How to get the perfect ring shot. {NYC Wedding Photographer}

This is how my ring shots looked about 8 years ago. I tried to capture them mostly in a candid way and just sneak a closeup of the bride’s hand.

Ring Shot

While this may not be a terrible photo – the ring is clear and sharp – but, the hand placement is a little awkward, and the ring is too far away, and not really the focal point of the photo.

Over the years, I have learned that while a candid shot like this can be nice, it’s better to “pose” the rings, and use a macro lens to give it an interesting look and a great close-up.

For maximum impact, I like to use a reflective surface, like a mirror, glass table, or whatever is available. For example, the below photo uses a book with a shiny black cover. And for the background? More shine. Here I used the bride’s jeweled belt.

NYC Wedding Photographer Details Diamonds Ring Engagement Chanel

It’s also fun to play around with interesting items in the room – like a painting, piece of art, magazine, book, or something with a pop of color.

Here are the rings on the back of a pink Kate Spade clutch.

NYC Wedding Photographer Details Diamonds Ring Engagement Chanel

A piece of art hanging in the room.
NYC Wedding Photographer Details Diamonds Ring Engagement Chanel

The makeup artist’s palette.

Here hotel stationery and the bride’s perfume tell a story.

NYC Wedding Photographer Details Diamonds Ring Engagement Chanel

Sometimes the bride’s sparkly Kate Spade shoes are a perfect foreground and background –


– or her spikey Louboutins!
Louboutin Diamond

These are all shot with the Canon 100mm Macro lens, at a small aperture of f/8 – f/11 in order to get the rings fully in focus, a shutter speed of around 1/200th, and a high ISO of around 5000 on the Canon 5D Mark III. They are lit by natural window light, and manually focused. I usually have to do the Katniss thing and breathe out really slowly – and then click the shutter – in order to get it perfectly in focus.

Ring Shot NYC Wedding Photographer


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