Throwback Thursday! The Bridal Portrait. {NYC Wedding Photographer}

This is the first image I ever posted on my blog, back in July of 2006!

NY Wedding Photographer

It is really interesting to look back at my work through the years and see how much it has evolved.

In this photo, for example, I can see that I was using a wide angle lens, and these days I use my 50mm, 85mm or 70-200mm lens for bridal portraits. A wide angle lens tends to distort features, especially when used this close! And the compression in longer focal lengths is more flattering. Also, the bride’s closeness to the window – now I would have her a little further back so the light is softer, or have her back to the window so she’s enveloped in light.

So here is how my work looked 8 years ago:


I remember how much I liked (and still do!) this photo of lovely bride Christine! But – if you take a look at what I’ve been doing more recently, you can see how it has been refined over the years, as my understanding of light and focal lengths has improved with experience.

Here are a few recent bridal portraits.

NYC Wedding Photographer

NYC Elopement Photographer

Bridal Portrait NYC Wedding Photographer

NYC Wedding Photographer

Bridal Portrait NYC Wedding Photographer

NY Wedding Photographer Bride

Beach Wedding NJ

Bridal Portrait NYC Wedding Photographer

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