Weekly Round-up!

Each Friday, I will post a few things that I like or that caught my eye that week. This week, I can’t help but long for spring and summer, warm temperatures, short sleeves, fun dresses, and no more snowpocalypse forecasts.

1. Ahhhh beach weddings. Here is some beach wedding inspiration and DYI ideas from Belle Morie


2. Check out this beautiful summer wedding cocktail – Coconut Pink Bikini!

3. Looking ahead to summer has me thinking about getting healthy and in shape before bikini season. Lately I’ve gotten really into green smoothies! They pack a punch in terms of nutrients, and I didn’t believe this for a long time, but they are actually very delicious. Click here for a bunch of amazing recipes. And I created one of my own as well!

4. How about a little fitness inspiration from Glamour? 5 easy things you can do at home.

5. And – this doesn’t have anything to do with summer – aside from maybe inspiring you to step outside the box and plan a fun summer photo project. I love this. Some of these images tell so much in just a few seconds. One year on the New York City Subway. Enjoy!

COMMUTERS: 2012 from Rebecca Davis on Vimeo.