Weekly Round-up!

Each Friday, I will post a few things that I like or that caught my eye that week.

1. Brides.com answers the question – Does it matter when we cut the cake?

2. Wedding photography – then and now. Enjoy this timeline from The Knot, showing how wedding photography has evolved over the years.
(Photo Left: Commons.Wikimedia.org; Photo Right: Etsy.com)

3. Today is the 100 year anniversary of Grand Central Terminal! Click here to check out some of the ways you can join the celebration!

4. The Brokelyn Beer Book has returned! For just $30, you get 30 coupons for a beer at 30 bars around the borough. Books go on sale through this link, which will be live at noon today. There is a limited number of books available, and previous editions have sold out very quickly, so we advise jumping on this asap!
(source – TheSkint)

5. One of my favorite movies ever, Groundhog Day, opened in theatres on Feb. 2, 1993, exactly 20 years ago tomorrow! What better way to celebrate than to watch this great Bill Murray comedy. You can stream it on Amazon, and Xbox Video.
Even better?? You can see it on the big screen at noon tomorrow, at Landmark Sunshine Cinema, 143 E Houston St, NYC.

Do you know of something I should include in the next weekly round-up? Email me at kamila@kamilaharris.com