Mary Ellen Mark gallery opening – event photography for Musee Magazine

Cameras these days can be as small as a credit card and fit in your back pocket, and photos can be instantly shared with the world with the click of a button – but could you imagine taking pictures with something the size of a refrigerator, requiring 2 or more people to operate? This is the art of Mary Ellen Mark, legendary photojournalist and portrait photographer, who went to thirteen high school proms across the country between 2006-2009, using one of only 5 existing 20×24 Polaroid Land Cameras. The result – poignant, amusing, genuine – stunning photographs with a great amount of detail and impact. Mary Ellen Mark says that “Prom is the quintessential American coming-of-age ritual”, a rite of passage that every American adult remembers. The large format prints celebrate the beauty and remarkable individuality of her subjects, the hope, awkwardness, anticipation, and love that prom can embody for teenagers on the verge of adulthood.

I was so honored to meet and photograph Mary Ellen at the gallery opening of “Prom” at at Janet Borden, Inc, for Musee Magazine. You can check out the article on Musee Magazine’s Art Out section. Be sure to check out Mary Ellen’s work, it’s awesome!!

Here are a few of my photos from the event.

Mary Ellen Mark 2Mary Ellen

Elizabet Davidsdottirmodel Elisabet Davidsdottir

Elizabeth and Katherine Sharp Elizabeth and Katherine Sharp – Elizabeth was photographed by Mary Ellen when she was 4, in her “Little Women” series

Han Feng Mary Ellen and designer Han Feng

Janet Borden GalleryJanet Borden Gallery

Mary Ellen Mark

Janet Borden Gallery 2

Janet Borden Gallery 3

Mary Ellen Mark with John Reuter and Nafis AzadMary Ellen with John Router and Nafis Azad, who operate the 20×24 Polaroid Camera

Raphael Shammaa and Josephine Bono photographers Raphael Shammaa and Josephine Bono

Janet Borden Gallery 5

Janet BordenGallery owner Janet Borden

Mary Ellen Mark 3


* Musee is an up-and-coming photography magazine displaying the work of international emerging photographers. It is the brainchild of another amazing fashion and portrait photographer, Andrea Blanch. Issue #5 is coming out soon!