Manhattan City Hall Elopement! Julie and Ryann – Married in New York City! {NYC Elopement Photographer}

These two awesome ladies have been together for years and have recently decided to get married. Unfortunately, their home state of Missouri does not recognize marriage equality – but, fortunately, finally, New York does, and what better place to get married than New York City? We met up at City Hall and the whole place was buzzing with excitement, there were several happy couples getting married, some were dressed to the nines! It was a really cool experience. And as a huge supporter of the LGBT community and human rights, I was so proud to document this special day for them. They are having a big ceremony and reception with their friends and families back in St. Louis next month, and will be sharing their photos from their official NYC ceremony at the party. I’m so excited for them! Congratulations Julie and Ryann!

And this – i just thought this was cool and had to snap a photo. So much history at NYC City Hall.