Life’s a garden, dig it!

I love gardening! I started really late this year but finally got plants in the ground Memorial Day weekend. And I am starting to see little baby cucumbers and tons of tomato flowers that will hopefully soon be amazing delicious giant tomatoes – tomatoes are my favorite! And the flower garden is blossoming as well, uh.. no pun intended! Gardening is so relaxing, and there is just no better taste than 100% organic food you grow yourself. YUM!

Daisies! I couldn’t wait for these to open up.

No idea what these orange little guys are called, but they are so vibrant and I want to plant about a million more of them!


This year is my first time growing strawberries… and I think I should have put them in the ground instead of a pot – I wanted the option to take them inside and hide them from squirrels etc – but, they seem very tiny. Anyone have strawberry experience and care to share your advice?

All those yellow flowers – that is going to be a lot of cucumbers. Cucumber salad, cucumber sandwiches, cucumber water, cucumber… I need to look up some recipes. Maybe local foodie blogger will have some ideas!

And there you have it! Hopefully I’ll be posting update pix full of veggie goodness in a few weeks!