Little White Dresses

I’d like to think we’re seeing a trend toward more casual, budget-friendly weddings and less of the over-the-top platinum weddings that were starting to get popular just a few years back. At least that’s how I see it being done on all of my favorite wedding sites. In case you haven’t noticed, I am all for this. Inspired by the bride featured in last week’s Thursday Thumbnails, who wore a $35 pink dress from H&M on her wedding day, I gathered up a few little white dresses that don’t come close to the price tags seen on the average wedding dress. Spring/Summer is the perfect time of year to scoop up a sweet little white dress, so even if your gown budget is somewhere in the thousands, you’ll still need something to wear to your upcoming shower, rehearsal dinner or other wedding related event.

Camilla Dress – Anthropologie, $138 BCBG Applique Dress – Nordstrom, $288

Camilla and Marc ‘Zahra’ – Sunday Brunch Dress Shop, $500

Lucullen ‘Cupcake’ – Sunday Brunch Dress Shop, $575

Beda Dress – Anthropologie, $118 BCBG Applique Dress – Nordstrom, $398