Etsy Finds – Boudoir Edition

Inspired by the popularity of the Etsy Finds-Wedding Edition post from several weeks back, I wanted to go on a similar hunt for boudoir styles. As I’m sure you’re already aware, Etsy is the marketplace for handmade items of every variety. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye.

1. Goldenrod Camisole with Bird of Paradise panties from OnetheInside’s shop 2. Meadow Navy Blue and White Silk Organic Soy and Cotton Jersey Knickers from Hopeless’ Shop.

1. Rayon and organic cotton jersey camisolematching panties from Sandmaiden Sleepwear 2. The Hooper high waisted organic cotton and soy knickers and silk halter bra; also from Hopless’ shop.

There’s no shortage of sex-cessories on Etsy!

1. Black Velour and Felt Trilby Fedora from ChrissyCallan’s shop 2. Peacock Feather Thigh High Socks from Post 3. Red Mask from Effigy Masks 4. Hope Chest Ring from Ciaraobscura’s shop

Don’t forget that Kamila’s Swanky Studio has plenty of fun accessories and props to make your boudoir shoot fabulous!