Dress Your Best for Photographs

I am not a fan of the way that I come across in photographs. I say “the way I come across” because I do not believe that person in those pictures is me. Silly, I know, especially since I write here for a world class photographer (yes, I deemed Kamila that). I think a lot of it comes from not being confident in front of the camera. If you feel not-so-beautiful, chances are you might end up looking that way too. Of course, in many cases, you just weren’t wearing the right clothing. It’s definitely true (and not just made up in my amateur head) that certain garments, colors or silhouettes photograph better than others. Gathering tips that I’ve picked up from here and there, I decided to share them with all of you!

Cleavage. If you want to take the attention away from other body flaws, work the cleav-o.

Does anyone notice the size of “plus-sized” model Crystal Renn’s arms or her curvy waistline in this photo? I think not. Of course, I don’t expect you to copy this look for your next family photo, but try styles like these from Anthropologie. They should have a similar effect when filled with some serious decolletage. Any way to emphasize the area between your chin and your chest will lengthen you instantly. As a bonus, the ruffles and ruching (a big trend for spring) will draw the attention away from your midsection.

A shoe that matches your skin tone always lengthens the legs. Neutrals, nudes, earth tones and pastels are also big this spring, so scooping up a pair has never been easier. Here are a few pretty styles from Piperlime.

Arms are by far the worst body part when it comes to photographs. If I had to justify fashion models weighing 98 pounds, I’d blame it on the arms. Even the tiniest amount of substance (okay, fat) on an arm can come out looking funky on camera. The best way to draw attention away from an arm (that belongs to a body that enjoys eating) is a great bracelet. With a thick bangle in a punchy color or unique material, nobody will be looking up north.

*Another great solution for slimming the arms  = 3/4 sleeve tops.

The cinched waist look has been hanging around for some time now…and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. This is great news for looking your best in pictures. Drawing attention to your curves – regardless of your size – always flatters the figure. Belts thick and thin, patterned and solid are available everywhere and work well when cinched around just about anything. These beauties are from Banana Republic.

A few other tips that I wish I had known about before my engagement shoots involve patterns and embellishments. While our photos are beautiful, I would have thought twice about wearing a patterned top and jeans with defined pocket stitching. Both of these are photo no-nos. Patterns are beautiful for everyday wear, but save them for just that…and not for special days when you’ll be photographed. They’re busy and generally not flattering on camera.  The adorned denim thing definitely comes into play with engagement sessions, as you’ll be featured in a lot of shots from behind. They’re really unnecessary and detract from the simple beauty of your style and the photos.

What are you favorite tips for looking fabulous in photographs? Or, as a professional, what do’s and don’ts have you noticed?

Crystal Renn Photo credit