Engagement Photo Style

Engagement photo sessions are one of the few times you and your partner get to really be yourselves in front of a professional’s camera. On your wedding day you assume the role of bride and groom and you’re generally far more made up than usual. A casual shoot before you wed shows off your pre husband and wife style. There are several outfit routes you can take depending on your setting. Let’s look at a few in detail, using photos from Kamila’s engagement sessions as a guide!

Cold Weather Style:

With so many weddings happening in spring, summer and early fall, many engagement sessions have to be squeezed in during the cooler months. In our area, you never know what the weather will be like, even in March and April. Cold weather style calls for a great coat, preferably in a pop color. Maria chose a fabulous shade of blue and added a fun printed scarf. Warm, furry boots complete the look – perfect for their chilly Chicago setting. Kristin kept it chic in winter white – always a smart choice. The key to cold weather looks is – don’t go drab! Skip black and play up your look with winter accessories like mittens, scarves or maybe even ear muffs!

Casual-Fun Style:

If you choose a fun, interactive setting for your session you should dress as you normally would, but with a twist. Laura and Steve selected the perfect look for their bowling shoot. Her bright plaid shirt and cuffed, distressed jeans look great with the bowling shoes. Maryann and Cas are adorable and comfortable in their everyday wear for their whimsical subway shoot.

Vintage – Retro Style:

Kamila loves vintage shoots, whether they come to her in the form of starlet sessions or boudoir shoots, they offer an alternate outlet for creativity that you just don’t find when shooting wedding after wedding. Sylena and Albie used their engagement session as an opportunity to go vintage. Their outfits, hair, grooming and overall looks are classic and cool. The large red flower in Sylena’s hair is so romantic and feels oh so, old Hollywood chic. If you’ve been longing for a vintage shoot, but can’t justify spending the money on a starlet or boudoir session, consider a retro twist for your engagement pics. I promise they’ll be way cooler than those old-time boardwalk photos.

Stay tuned for a post from Kamila featuring another awesome vintage engagement session and more on Sylena and Albie!