Boudoir site updates and special!

Swanky – stylish, chic, smart, fashionable, elegant. Sounds like each and every one of my amazing boudoir clients, and also the word that some have used to describe my Philadelphia studio.

This is long overdue, there are finally some updates to the site, including a new name – it’s no longer just “Kamila Harris Boudoir” which actually translates to “Kamila Harris Bedroom” – and never quite fit right with me. My boudoir photography is now The Swanky Studio – and the galleries within are categorized by photos taken at the studio, the B&B in Philadelphia, and NYC hotels. So you know exactly what you’re looking at! Of course, due to the personal nature of the photos, there is a very small amount of photos that I have permission to post, but I think there is enough there to really show the versatility of each location. In addition, I have updated the Album gallery – a little more information, a little clearer.

Also, for a limited time, to fill up remaining February, March, April dates – I am offering boudoir specials at the studio!

Sessions can be during the week, and there are a few weekend dates available as well. The special expires on February 14th, 2010 so be sure to book before then! Email me at to find out if your date is available. A contract and 50% deposit is required to reserve your date.

Also check out the Bachelorette Party in the pricing section!

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