When choosing a photographer…

I follow a lot of photographers on Twitter and often come across some really great stuff. Here are two I came across today, that deal with choosing a wedding photographer.

– Make sure the photos they show on their website and blog are from actual weddings, not staged photoshoots with perfect lighting, no time constraints, and hand-picked weather – all of which almost never happens at a wedding! You’d be shocked to find out how many photographers have mostly these set-up shoots as their portfolio. It’s cool to see what a photographer can do without limits – kind of like Trash the Dress shoots etc – I have done those so I am not against set up shoots to flex your creative muscles! However, I am not sure how someone with mostly “perfect scenario” experience would be able to handle the incredibly unpredictable chaos of a wedding.

Enough Already with the Fake Weddings!

– You know those lists on wedding websites, that tell you what questions to ask your potential wedding photographer? This is interesting commentary on those lists

Couple Seeks Perfect Photographer

My favorite parts –

“Nowhere on this very exhaustive questionnaire did it ask whether I cared about my clients, or what my client service philosophy was. Or whether my clients would describe me as “fun”, “passionate” or “professional” … Wedding photographers are as unique as the couples that choose them. I believe it is important to have a good “fit” between the photographer and the couple to truly create images that reflect the spirit of the couple, their family and their big day. Much like we choose our friends, we choose our wedding photographer. They are a big part of a once-in-a-lifetime day after all.”

I love what I do! I love real moments like this one between the bride and her father. I put my all into each shoot, with my main goal being – capture what’s real, what makes this day unique. I am looking forward to all upcoming weddings, it’s going to be a great year!!

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