Why buy prints from your photographer?

I am currently preparing several print orders. As I am doing this I wondered if clients really know the benefit of ordering their prints from their photographer vs. using Shutterfly and the like. Did you know that when you place a print order, every single photo is reviewed in Photoshop and optimized for printing perfection? Not every single photo from a wedding or portrait session is retouched, but when you order a print, not just the bride, but any guest who orders a photo will have their photos examined, retouched, blemishes removed, etc. For most sizes, your prints will come in beautiful packaging, ready to be gifted, no extra purchase of giftbox or wrap is necessary! Also, the quality of the prints done at professional photo labs FAR exceeds most consumer chains. I know a lot of photographers cringe to think that their beautiful work is printed at a lab where the colors are totally off and it makes their work look bad!

If you would like to read up a little more about this topic and why professional photographers who value their work and their time charge more than a discount chain would charge for a print, click here! After all, would an artist price his painting based on how much the canvas cost? It’s what’s ON the canvas, the time and personal care put into creating a custom work of art for each client.

Not to mention, you’ll be supporting a local artist and business owner, instead of a giant impersonal corporation.