Chris and Maureen in black and white – Delaware Wedding Photography

So I have this film camera that I haven’t used in a few years. I bought it around 1997 on ebay and it was probably about 15 years old then, it’s pretty ancient, and completely manual. I really learned a lot about photography with it – I used it on a trip to Bermuda, took pictures of my family nonstop, I would even just ride around town and take pictures of random things, and it was always so exciting getting the film back. Then digital came along and I haven’t used film in YEARS. And I kind of missed that excitement of not knowing exactly what will develop, and even the smell of the film and the sound of the shutter – it’s just very nostalgic.

So I decided to pick up some B&W film and bring the old-school camera to Maureen and Chris’ wedding. Here are a couple that I liked 🙂

And here are a few my assistant Kat took: