2009 Availability + Starlet Session Info!!!

I am oficially fully booked for weddings for 2009!

I am really looking forward to all the great families I will get to spend the day with and photograph this year. I have some really exciting new locations coming up this year and I’m also going back to a few familiar places where I love to photograph.

I am still booking weekday family sessions, engagements, boudoir, maternity and newborn sessions for 2009.

Also, the next Starlet Session is going to be in April. The exact date is coming very soon, but it will be a weekday in April and we are SO excited about it!

And, just because I really thought this post had some great information, here is a photographer’s view on “why wedding photos take so long” – I think this is very interesting and very true! And I am thankful to have such great and patient clients who let me do my thang 🙂


“There are so many times when I long to be shooting film again so that I could just drop the film off at the lab and be done with it!! Now, as digital photographers, we have become the lab, and because we’ve become the lab, we’ve also become increasingly perfectionistic about our work and every single image! Just yesterday, I spent an hour and forty minutes to produce 18 images as a “quick preview” for a bride & groom. Can you imagine the time it takes to do 180? 1800?? I know that I spend way more time on my digital images than I ever did with film- but I also think that the quality of my work reflects that extra time versus just letting a machine do all the corrections for me.

All photographers are different. We all have different processes, which is why we can’t assume that everyone will have the same turn around time, or that there’s even a “standard” turn around time. Some photographers put their proofs up as unfinished images, some finish all of their images first. Obviously unfinished images are much quicker and easier to get online than hundreds of images that have been tweaked and worked on. … No photographer is right or wrong, they just have different methods of creating their work, and whatever that process is, we should honor the process that goes into giving us the results we want and have paid for. However, if you’re REALLY anxious, please talk to your photographer directly in order to get a sense of where they are in the overall process. It’s better to have open communication than to let the mind wander in anxiety!”

I agree with her in every way! I am never too busy to answer a question and I’m always happy to give you an idea of where I stand as far as turn-around time on your wedding. Never be afraid to ask 🙂