What a great weekend!

I had two weddings this weekend. Both were so great, I can’t wait to post the photos. Kelli and Dave were so much fun on Friday, both ridiculously photogenic and so natural and just so into each other – and the rain held out for just long enough for us to get some photos out on the golf course at Scotland Run. I have photographed at Scotland Run many times so it was great to be back there, and the rain actually made everything so vibrant and vivid, I was lovin the outdoor photos. And the day FLEW by – I couldn’t believe it had been 8 hours already when we were leaving.

And on Saturday not only did I have an amazing couple – Liz and Dan – but I also got to work with my friends Emily from Cheekadee who made Liz look even more beautiful, and Ken and his team – from Ken Stillman Video captured the day on video. It’s always nice to work with familiar faces, and to see some familiar faces among the guests too, it’s just the coolest. My assistant Sarah was with me both days and she was a tremendous help as always. And my assistant Kat totally rocked the Photo Station on Saturday, too, we had it set up on the second floor of the Collingswood Ballroom and it was crazy and so much fun and I heard cheering and yelling from up there all night. She said that several people thanked her saying that they never get family photos taken and now they have them! And the bride and groom joined the fun several times too. Can’t wait to see all those photos! Liz and Dan were ROCKSTARS at their reception!!

I have the best clients in the world!

I usually book just one wedding per weekend. I had a couple back-to-backs this year and they were all so great. This was actually the last time that I will have two in one weekend, because it definitely does help to have more time between weddings to focus on each one and finish all the post-processing…. but weddings like this will kinda make me miss it!