More Boudoir!

I haven’t made a boudoir post in a few months, so it’s time for an update.

Of course no boudoir photo will ever be posted anywhere online without the girl’s permission, so I will update this post when I have permission to post some more photos!

Yesterday was one of the special “added” weekday boudoir sessions, and it was a great day. As a special treat, I had a masseuse come in and give everyone a relaxing chair massage!

The next two special boudoir sessions are October 6th and 8th, and I might be able to squeeze in one more person per day. And I will hire Irene (the masseuse) again for those days – just as a thank-you for being on the mailing list and booking the session!

This went really well so I am thinking about opening up a few more weekday dates for boudoir session, maybe in December – stay tuned!