My amazing assistants!

This weekend I had a pretty rare two weddings in a row – I usually do just one per weekend, so when it so happens that I do have back-to-back weddings, I feel so fortunate to have THREE amazing assistants to choose from to help me!

This weekend Sarah and Kat were a great help!

Kat kept the Photo Station going all night Saturday and almost every guest got their picture taken.

I already took a peak at a few of Kat’s photos and I am pretty excited about these two:

And here’s Kat walking with Christine at the Trash the Dress in Philly in May:

Sarah shoots with a Nikon Digital SLR and also a Mamiya medium format camera – she then develops and scans her own black and white film – how cool is that?

And here’s Sarah in action!

And I already sang Kelly’s praises in a previous blog post.

I just wanted to send out a big Thank You to my assistants and give them a WHOLE lot of credit because they work really hard and I just love their work!