Another thunderstorm!

So how awesome was that storm yesterday? I used the opportunity to train my dog, and I thought I’d post an update.

I actually took him outside, and we stood on the porch watching the rain and I used the Dog Whisperer technique to have him basically sit through even the most earth-shattering thunderclaps. He was really freaked out at first after a little while he he just sat calmly. I kept reassuring him with my voice and of course he got extra treats and hugs. And he was calm for the remainder of the storm!! It was pretty unbelievable.

Of course this might not work with all dogs but it just seems like for our dog, when he is exposed to whatever he is scared of, and when we use the calm “pack leader” mentality and just keep him calm and submissive, he gets used to it and then it doesn’t bother him anymore.

This is the Dog Whisperer segment that has helped with our dog
Dog Whisperer – Kane