Last night’s thunderstorm

I love thudnerstorms, I think they are really an amazing display of power and I love watching lightning. But you know what I do NOT love???? Our 90-pound dog crying, shaking and jumping on the bed all night because he is afraid of thunder and lightning.

Poor Mastodon looked like he was seconds away from a heart attack and there was nothing we could do to calm him down for HOURS!!

He is a rescue and he might have been abused before we got him so he used to be very skittish and afraid of EVERY little sound. Now he is still nervous around the vacuum cleaner like most dogs, and he goes into a full blown panic attack at the faintest sign of an approaching thunderstorm.

Cars, trucks, people, other dogs, etc – he got used to it all since they are around all the time. People are amazed at how good he is on his walks these days. Cesar Millan would be proud!!

But the thunderstorm at night thing – that is a problem. Any ideas on how to get a dog used to the loud sound of thunder???

(and yes, he is just fine today, I think he’s going to sleep all day to make up for the stressful night, and I wish I could do the same :P)

PS. As I posted this, I heard thunder. Oh man. Not again! This poor dog! At least it’s daytime, I can turn up my music to drown out the sound outside.