Family Week in August!

Here is the annoucement that Mailing List members got a week ago!

To celebrate my relocation to Doylestown, PA, and my decision to expand the family portrait part of my business, I will be running a special in August.

The last week of August, right before the kids go back to school (or away to college!), I will be offering my family photo sessions for a reduced cost. The special pricing is $100 for about a 30-minute session and all of your digital negatives on disc. (regular price is $350 for about an hour and a half session)

The catch? All of the sessions will be here in Doylestown, PA. There is so much here, such amazing architecture and so many places that will make a great backdrop for family photos. I will pick a great location for each family. Bring your dog, motorcycle, guitar, have a picnic in the park – bring whatever is important to you. These will be really fun, relaxed sessions that will capture you as a family.

The sessions will start Sunday, August 24th, and end Wednesday, August 27. There is no “contest”, you simply have to email or call me and let me know you’re interested, and I will schedule you on a first come, first served basis. I will be doing 4 sessions per day. Sunday is already full. There are a few spots available Mon-Wed.

Moms-to-be and newborns – if you are a Doylestown resident I will gladly come to your home where you’re the most comfortable. If you know someone who lives in Doylestown and need a great and unique baby shower gift – here ya go!

I can’t wait for Family Week! And I am looking forward to this expansion of my services.