Jamie and Jason – a few teasers – NJ Wedding Photography

Jamie and Jason are so cute together! I knew I was in for a fun day when I saw Jamie’s room – I immediately noticed running shoes and a Nintendo Wii. And it really did fit with the couple’s personality, they are adventurous and athletic, but also laid-back and totally cool. I had a lot of fun and wish them many many years of happiness.

Also I got to work with Craig from Well Spun Weddings. His shooting style was really unique and completely unobtrusive and I just can’t wait to see the finished product.

A quick chat with Jason before the ceremony

Cutest.Thing.Ever. Jamie and Jason’s yorkie, Mia, was the Best Dog. And yes, she is wearing a dress, made my Jamie’s mom.

I loved how I got the sun-flare in this photo.

And then shielded the sun for a few non-sun-flare shots.

First dance – Angel by Jack Johnson

And I really liked how the tables each had a photo and location, with a little story about what the place meant to the couple.

P.S. Photographers – I used a multi-off-camera flash setup at the reception, resulting in that totally unique look which almost looks like movie lighting. To learn how to do this go to Digital Wedding Pro