Photos by Kat O’Neill!

I was so happy to meet Kat on the PhillyTTD day. She was my assistant for the day, and she was great to work with! Since I moved, my usual assistant, the wonderful Kelly, will not be able to work with me at my Philadelphia area weddings 😦 She will still do the Jersey Shore weddings with me of course, but I needed a couple new assistants for Philly. Kat will be one of them! And having worked with her on Sunday, I know she will be a great wedding assistant.

Kat is currently a senior at The University of The Arts in Philly. She has a vast knowledge of both film and digital photography, both natural and studio lighting. She was super creative and fun to work with at the TTD and I look forward to working with her at weddings!

And here is a sampling of her work from the day.