A few more TTD

My internet access is ON!! YAYYY. So while I work on finishing all those sessions and uploading them, I will leave you with a few more TTD photos.

The cool thing about these sessions is that hopefully it will encourage brides to get a little bit more adventurous on their wedding, and challenge us as photographers to be more daring and creative too. Why shouldn’t brides have these unique and artistic photos on their wedding day? Aside from the fountain ones, most of these could have been done on a wedding day with no damage to the dress!

The craziness inside the B&B – we had.. I think.. 21 people, in this room. It was just FULL of energy and this is where everyone started to get really excited about what’s to come.

Here is the craziness outside the B&B

Here we are literally stopping traffic… this man pulled over and was all smiles as 6 beautiful brides got their picture taken in his Mercedes