NJ Wedding Photography – Audrey and Jonathan!

Audrey and Jon’s wedding this weekend was just as fun as I thought – and both my assitant and I got emotional during certain parts of the wedding, and as we were leaving we actually both expressed how much we are going to miss this great couple.

Here’s one quick photo of Audrey – getting ready for her mini-boudoir session! I decided to offer this to all my brides from now on – just a quick, 10-15 minute session as you’re getting dressed for your wedding. You’re already all made up and beautiful, and have cute sexy bridal wear, so why not kick everyone out of the room for a few minutes and get a couple b-pics?? I’m so glad Audrey decided to do it 🙂

and just a couple more

How surreal looking is this!?

Can you spot me in this shot?

And here I am with the happy couple at the end of the reception.

Here’s my assistant/sidekick Kelly with the bride and groom

And my shoes, which seemed like a good idea at the time but by the end of the day were replaced by frumpy black flats