Coming up..

Tonight – Rangers game!!!!

Tomorrow – I am so excited to photograph Audrey and Jonathan’s wedding at the beautiful Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, NJ.

I know I’m going to cry at this wedding… because… well I’m choking up just writing this post! (I’m ridiculous!) I feel like I really KNOW this couple because of the time we have spent at the engagement session, emailing and getting to know them via their wedding website and Aud’s blog! So I’m preparing myself for a really fun but emotional day. Audrey, if you’re reading this, seriously, your wedding is tomorrow, get off the computer haha 🙂

Sunday – another boudoir session with 3 beautiful ladies at the Clinton Street B&B. Usually I would not do a wedding and group boudoir session in the same weekend, and this session was supposed to be a few weekends ago – something unexpected came up, and the girls were gracious enough to allow me to reschedule. Thank you girls and I really look forward to Sunday!!

Monday – I will have a big announcement. BIG. HUGE. GIGANTIC. And I hate when bloggers do this – it’s like, just tell us NOW – aaaand I really cannot contain this news any longer – BUT – I just want to make sure everything is “definite” before I announce anything. Ha! How’s that for suspense?? Tune in Monday!