Coconut Records & MGMT

I have recently gotten tired of almost everything on my playlist, so I’ve been checking out all sorts of new music. I need music in my life pretty much constantly, especially when working into the wee hours. So here are two more bands that have been keeping me going lately.

Jason Schwartzman, AKA Max Fisher from the movie Rushmore – is also a musician. I love the song California by Phantom Planet and I just recently found out that he was the drummer in that band. And now he has new stuff out – I gotta say I am loving it. Check it out!

Coconut Records

This next band I absolutely cannot stop listening to. Their name is MGMT and they are from Brooklyn. I first heard “Time to Pretend” on the radio a few weeks ago and they immediately caught my attention. The rest of their album, Oracular Spectacular, is just as good and has that really chill vibe throughout. Some of it sounds like it belongs on a Wes Anderson movie soundrack. Thanks Matt Knight from G-Rock for putting these guys on the air!!