The big announcement!

Here is your chance to experience Trash The Dress in a very unique way. I am getting together a group of 5 local photographers and a videographer to put their talents together and do a session in/around Philadelphia early this summer. The date and exact location is still being worked out. We are specifically looking for a really interesting urban area with some great architecture and a really green natural area as well – maybe incorporate parts of old city, Fairmount Park and the Art Museum – the possibilities are endless!! We are going to personally scope out some areas and find the perfect location.

And don’t worry about destroying your gown – a “trash the dress” session just for the sake of getting it dirty and gross and ruined – is not what this is about. This is really about getting one more chance to get really artistic, creative and fun photos in your wedding dress, creating some new memories – why should you only wear it once?? And your dress will only get as “trashed” as you want it to!

Does this all sound good to you? Tell us why you would be the perfect candidate. We are looking for the most adventurous brides that LOVE getting photographed and will go along with pretty much any idea we might come up with! Send your story and photos to We want to see your dress, and also photos that show how comfortable you are in front of the camera. (one entry per person please!)

We will accept entries until the end of March. I’m sure we will get a lot of amazing contestants so it will take a few weeks to pick our winners, and we are going to pick 1-3 brides to experience the photo shoot and receive a disc of high-resolution images from each photographer. Winners will be announced in April, and we are hoping to do the session on a Sunday in May– specifics are still being worked out, and I already have some amazing and talented people involved with this and as we all put our heads together it is getting more interesting by the minute!! Without a doubt this will be a really amazing day!

Send entries now to