Gotta love flu season

So I guess the little mini-colds that I was fighting in January were just a preview. On Wednesday I started to feel a cold coming on AGAIN and decided to finally go to the doctor – and I must have just picked up more germs from the doctor’s office. Thursday I woke up with full-blown flu – fever, body aches, crazy sore throat, the whole deal! I haven’t felt that bad in YEARS. I literally have not even had a cold in probably 3-4 years prior to this winter. Everyone is getting hit really hard this year from what I’ve been hearing. It stinks! These crazy weather changes etc. are just really messing with everyone.

I am feeling a little better today, just getting some more rest, hopefully this is really the END of it.

If you had emailed or called me in the past day or two, please bear with me, I’ll be catching up with everything this weekend and you will hear back from me!