Help me do some research

As I said before this time of year is a time to update and renew everything including looking into expanding my advertising. Before I make any major decisions, I would like to ask how you found your wedding photographer – and other vendors – in the form of the poll to the right. I thought, what better way to find this out than from actual brides?

I actually found my wedding photographer, Patricia Goya, completely by chance – I did a Google image search on the word “bride”, and one of her photos came up, and I just loved the image, and loved the rest of her website, and booked her pretty much immediately – and yep, I love my wedding photos!

How about you? Did your venue coordinator play a big part in helping you select vendors like photo/video/dj, etc? Did you have a wedding planner? Was it a magazine or online ad? Did you rely mainly on recommendations of recently married friends?

If my poll is missing your answer feel free to leave a comment here.

Thank you so much for your participation.