I’m back!

Back from a fantastic week off, catching up on email/voicemail/etc.

Here’s something else I worked on today. A client wants to order this print in a large size, on canvas, and was wondering if I can somehow blur out the bridesmaids in the background. I actually really missed working on photos this past week – so I dove right in. So here is the photo, before and after Photoshop.

This photo was taken by my assistant Kelly, a candid moment caught while the bridesmaids watched me photograph the bride and groom on the beach. Of course if this was an actual formal or posed photo we would have been careful to make sure there were no distractions in the background. As photojournalists, it’s not our style to interfere with candid moments… but it’s kind of amazing what can be done afterwards, with the magic of Photoshop 🙂