Testimonials – Wedding Photography Reviews

Reactions like these are one of the reasons I LOVE what I do!

I received this email from Melissa, whose wedding was featured here

“Finally finally we went through all the photos, you really did such a great job– it’s amazing because there are a few moments in particular that I assumed weren’t caught on film and I would just have to have them in my memory, but somehow you and your assistant caught pretty much everything! I am amazed and very grateful :-)”

And here’s a quick one from Jennifer – I posted a couple from her wedding here, but I will be posting more soon. This was Jennifer’s response to seeing the first 500 or so of her photos:

“Thanks so much! I’m truly thrilled with what I’ve seen so far.”

and when she saw the rest of her photos –

“I am SO super excited about my pictures! I feel like you really captured me and my personality on film. It’s pretty amazing how pictures can tell the story of the day so well.”

I also received a beautiful Thank You card from Christy and Mike

“Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job photographing our wedding. We are so pleased with how all 1200 pictures turned out! We’ve received so many compliments on them and I don’t know how in the world we’re going to choose our pictures for our album! Thanks again, we really appreciate it!”