It’s October?!

Wow time is flying this year. The weather sure doesn’t feel like fall so I guess in my mind it still feels like it’s June or July!

Anyway a couple updates:

– I migrated to a new computer and there are still a couple of kinks I’m working out, but everything should be all set soon! I’m super excited, the new setup is much more efficient than my last one, lots of space and very fast too – so I think this will greatly improve my workflow which is very exciting

– The “Adopt-a-Classroom” packages are almost ready to go! I am going to complete them today and they will go out tomorrow. I’m so excited. I hope the kids really enjoy the stuff – I’m sending lots of Crayola products, construction paper, stickers – I hope it will make their school year more colorful and fun! πŸ™‚

– I have not been posting nearly as many photos lately due to the migration, but I have a couple new weddings to share!! They will be up in the next few days.

– Come out to see Nicole Atkins at Maxwell’s in Hoboken this Thursday!!! I’m going, and I will be photographing the show – SUPER exciting πŸ™‚