I was “tagged” by fellow blogger and trash-the-dress client, – Dawn – in a previous post.. so now I have to come up with 8 things about myself, and tag 8 other people!

Well while I think about the 8 blogs to tag, here are my ‘8 things’.

1. I speak Polish and understand a lot of Spanish. Speaking it is harder, but I took it from 7th to 12th grade, and in college, where i was writing long essays and stories in Spanish. Sometimes my sister and I just randomly break into Spanish or Polish conversations. It’s fun. I love languages and would love to learn more – if I had the time!

2. Growing up my dream was to become a writer. I loved reading and would read 2-3 books a day sometimes, and I started writing stories and novels probably 100 times. I always had trouble tying up all the loose ends at the end so I never quite finished a story. I have all of them though, in a box in the attic, all my stories, that someday maybe when I have a little more time I will revisit. Sometimes I actually think about the characters in my stories and how different those stories would be now as opposed to 10, 15 years ago. For one, they would probably be typed and not written by hand like so many of them are!

3. I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer – MCSE – I got certified back in 1999. I was a network engineer for about 2 years, at one point working as a consultant in NYC and working all over Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. It was cool.. but I remember constantly getting bored of jobs and saying that I really NEED to be doing something creative.

4. I am afraid of volcanoes, tornadoes, and I used to be afraid of space travel. Okay.. the first two are pretty normal but space travel?? Haha – when i was a little girl I was afraid I would grow up to become an astronaut and get lost in space. Yeah. I guess I don’t have to worry about that!!

5. I have a dog, a cat, and two birds – little finches. I really would have more animals if I had the room, and if my husband allowed it! What I would love is a couple of chickens so I can have fresh eggs. And a horse. I really want a horse.

6. My favorite music – both sides of the spectrum I guess. My favorite bands are Tool, Static X, Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age. I have seen Static X more than any other band.. I think close to 10 times. And I love Fiona Apple, Bjork, Nicole Atkins, Massive Attack and Goldfrapp.

7. I miss Poland! I was born there and spent the first 10 years of my life there, the first 6 years living on a farm where we always had fresh vegetables and fruit (this is why i love to garden!). I’m really nostalgic and sentimental in general and lately I have become even more so. I love to travel and I really want to go back there soon. I haven’t been back in 8 years.

8. Yessss last one. Whew. Okay. Just some random stuff that can all be lumped into one. I love spontaneity, silly craziness, anything bizarre and out of the ordinary. I love different cultures, languages, accents, pretty much anything out of my element or different from my usual surroundings. I love it when a bride wears a bright red dress or when the band plays Pantera at the reception! I love challenges.

This was a challenge. And a little bit of a break… now.. BACK TO WORK!

So far I tagged