Availability for the rest of 2007 and 2008

Unfortunately, aside from a few weekends in December, I have no open weekends left in 2007. I am, however, available for boudoir, engagement or portrait shoots and client meetings during the week.

2008 Availability:

Weddings – April and May are totally booked. Also, I am doing no more than 3 weddings per month next year, so most remaining months only have 1 opening for a wedding.

There’s no limit to engagement and portrait sessions since they can usually be done during the week (at sunset) and are only about 1-2 hours. However, if you would prefer to do your engagement session on a weekend, it is important to schedule these as far in advance as you can.

Of course I am still going to do Boudoir sessions next year, but I will be limiting these as well to no more than 2 per month, since they are usually all-day affairs. I prefer to do them on Sundays or a weekday if possible.

I believe that limiting my services next year will allow me to devote more time and give my full attention to each assignment. I will also have more time for new clients!

2008 booking will be closed very soon, and I am now booking for 2009.

Thanks everyone for your continued support 🙂