Women in Photojournalism

Check out Photobetty – original photography by women from around the world, interviews with top photo editors and historical profiles on some of the field’s female pioneers.

Also on the site – Operation Azra – started by photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair – raising money for female victims of acid burning while raising awareness about a fate inflicted on many women in Pakistan. Marked with dishonor, their harsh disfigurement often forces them to live in the shadows of everyday life — excluded by family and society.

Stephanie says on her blog:
“Just wanted to draw your attention to an online print auction that just started to help Azra Latif, a Pakistani girl I met who was severely disfigured when her brother-in-law threw acid on her face during an argument. When I met Azra and asked to photograph her, she agreed but said to me, “Everyone photographs me but no one helps.” This is my attempt to prove her wrong, but I need YOUR help to do that!
We are trying to raise money to pay for her and her husband’s transportation costs and three months of housing and living expenses in France, where she will receive several surgeries to help repair her significant injuries graciously donated by the French NGO HumaniTerra. Extra funds will will start a fund to help future victims through the same life-saving process. And small cash donations will also help, as they definitely add up!”

I chose to make a donation and I hope you do the same!

Click to see Stephanie Sinclair’s Website she is one of my favorite photojournalists right now, I really admire her work.