Where to seat your vendors?

Usually, vendor meals are served in a separate room, sometimes completely separated from the wedding where we can’t even hear what’s going on inside. Usually we are eating while you are dancing and while festivities are taking place. Sometimes we have to make a mad dash back to the reception room to capture an important moment, while our plates have hardly been touched. This is not in any way the fault of the bride and groom, it’s just the way that vendor meals are usually handled.

At a recent wedding, my assistant and I were seated at a table with other wedding guests. We were able to sit down and enjoy dinner at the same time as everyone else and in the same room as everyone else. We did not miss anything during the wedding, which is a big plus.

I just wanted to put this out there because it is not something that most people think about – where to seat your photographer – because it is assumed that the catering staff will take care of everything. Of course, most of the time, we are taken care of and there is no problem – but we are still eating in a separate room, after everyone else has eaten – and missing what’s happening on the dance floor!

So remember, when making your seating charts for your reception – if you can – reserve a seat for your photographer, your videographer, your DJ,etc. If possible, you can assign us a small separate table that is in the same room and will be served at the same time as everyone else. It really makes things so much easier for everyone.