I have recently started offering boudoir sessions to my wedding clients and their friends. This seems to be the hot new trend in wedding photography, and now with my experience photographing these sessions, I agree with a recent client who said “These pictures are something every woman should do once in her life!”

What exactly is a boudoir session? It is a little more of an intimate photo shoot, an opportunity to create really beautiful and artistic portraits that have a little bit of an edge to them – however there is no nudity or anything that I would deem distasteful – it is often what is NOT shown that makes the greatest impact. I guess it can be considered pinup-style photography, cute, stylish and modern with a twist of vintage. It is a day where a bride-to-be can relax, forget about the stresses of wedding planning, and get treated like a model. Your hair and makeup are professionaly styled to yield the best result, and you are treated to fun music, champagne and a light snack. The photos are often taken at a historic and charming bed-and-breakfast. And the resulting photos make great gifts for the groom on the wedding day or honeymoon.

Your photos are kept confidential and I only post the photos with your permission.

I just photographed a boudoir session this past Sunday at the Glencairn Inn in Princeton, NJ, (Glencairn Website)and so far have obtained permission for the following photos:

The girls were good friends so they opted to all arrive at the same time and take turns getting ready and getting their photos taken. They carefully laid out their different outfits and shoes in the bathroom. Look at those red polka-dot shoes in the background! I love them!

One of the girls getting her hair and makeup done. This bed and breakfast was built in the 1700’s and I just loved the dark wood floor throughout the room, and the interesting bathroom fixtures and vanity.

The beautiful room at the Glencairn – notice the champagne and roasted walnuts! And my other camera resting on the bed.