Photo Cards

My baby niece had her first real photo shoot with me the other day, it was so much fun, she is so cute! She slept through most of it, but when she woke up she really hammed it up for the camera, she really has amazing range when it comes to facial expressions, and she’s only two weeks old! She’s a natural! Perhaps modeling is in her future 🙂

I designed a photo card to be used as birth announcements, and I just wanted to share it. I think it’s really amazing, with the technology today, the things that can be done. With digital photography, the right software and an eye for design, everything can be completely customized, you never have to settle for anything.

Photo cards like this one are available – and can be custom-designed to your liking. You can also purchase the digital file and purchase your own cards at your convenience. Any questions? Feel free to call me or email at